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Which strata form do I need?

Find the right forms to carry out the strata transaction you need to complete, along with a list of the evidence you may need to include. Our useful policy and procedure guides will help you complete your forms.

All the forms described on this page relate to strata titles schemes. If you are looking to make a change to a strata title within a scheme, please instead visit our how to make a change to a title page.

New schemes

Registration of a new strata scheme will only be achieved when all the required scheme documents, together with associated forms as listed below, are registered simultaneously. Detailed policy and procedure guides of what is required, the different scenarios that may occur and matters for consideration are also provided.

Amendments to schemes

There are four types of amendments that effect subdivision and others that do not, along with some that allow changes to by-laws. Discover the appropriate form and what other evidence may be required in each case below. Our policy and procedure guides will help you find and complete your application.


When a merger is registered, all of the owners in a single tier strata scheme will individually own all of the building that they occupy and, in most cases, the land around these buildings that was formerly common property. A conversion to survey-strata takes effect when a strata company of a single tier strata scheme passes a resolution which is registered at Landgate. Our policy and procedure guides help you determine which forms are to be lodged at Landgate.


The termination process, except in the single owner scenario, is more than just a vote. There is a complete, transparent process that must be followed. Learn more about how to go about terminating a strata titles scheme below.

Strata lease re-entry/surrender