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Our involvement in cadastral matters is generally connected with regulation and compliance of surveys and plans and the management of cadastral data. We provide and maintain cadastral data for licensed surveyors, and we do not offer cadastral surveying services.

What is Cadastral data?

A cadastre is a comprehensive land recording system. It contains data about land parcels and boundaries and all legal land objects within them as defined by law.

Aspects of these legal land objects include:

  • spatial definition – size and shape
  • identification
  • description
  • value
  • legal rights, restrictions and responsibilities.

The cadastre can provide answers to the questions of where and how much and who and how.

Cadastral surveyors

In Western Australia, cadastral surveyors are governed by the Licensed Surveyors Act 1909 which states that any person carrying out the practice of land surveying must be registered with, and they must hold a current Practising Certificate issued by, the Land Surveyors Licensing Board of Western Australia.

If you require the services of a surveyor, the Land Surveyors Licensing Board maintains a register of current licensed land surveyors in Western Australia:

Landgate’s database

Cadastral data is sourced from Landgate's Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) and contains information about land parcel boundaries for all Crown and freehold land parcels within Western Australia.

Cadastral data available from the SCDB includes:

  • cadastral boundaries
  • lodged cadastral boundaries
  • cadastral control marks
  • registered easements and other registered interests over land
  • administrative boundaries.


  • is a seamless digital cadastral base map that contains land parcel boundaries and tenure information for all Crown and freehold lands in Western Australia (WA).
  • is the fundamental spatial dataset supporting the Land Titles Register, ensuring that there is appropriate definition, identification, measurement, and location of land ownership in WA.
  • is the crucial underlying dataset supporting the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).
  • serves a range of roles that support land taxation and valuation; land use planning and development; local government, utilities and emergency management.

Cadastral data extracted from the SCDB is to be used for information purposes only and is not guaranteed. The information should not be relied upon without further verification from the original documents. Where the information is being used for legal purposes then the original documents must be searched for all legal requirements.

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