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Interest dictionary

Helping potential property buyers to understand unregistered interests in Western Australia, this free to use dictionary includes interest definitions, contact details for responsible agencies, and supporting legislation. 

What is an interest?

An interest, in the context of real estate (land and buildings), refers to an encumbrance or set of conditions that restrict how a property may be used or dealt with, and is backed by legislation. 

Registered interests

Registered interests are those that are required to be recorded on the Certificate of Title (CT) under the Transfer of Land Act 1893. They can only be properly understood by viewing the CT with details of the interest being described in context within the documents. Examples include easements (benefit/burden), restrictive covenants, caveats and notifications.

Unregistered interests

Unregistered interests are those that are not recorded on a CT.

What the interest dictionary lists

The interest dictionary lists and describes known unregistered interests in WA, available to be reported on within Landgate’s Property Interest Report. It registers only those interests that have been identified as having the most importance for due diligence requirements and where the related data has been made available to Landgate for inclusion within the Property Interest Report.

Find out what interests impact a particular land or property

Ordering a Property Interest Report and the CT for the relevant property will provide the most comprehensive understanding of all known interests that may impact a property, including which unregistered interests affect your property.