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NDVI Satellite imagery data

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index is a satellite-derived index which is sensitive to the amount of chlorophyll contained in vegetation covering the ground.

What is included?

This imagery type shows how ‘green’ the ground appears from the satellite and provides an indication of vegetation health/vigour on the earth’s surface.

The imagery is supplied as a 7-day, maximum value composite captured at 250m resolution.

The continental dataset can be delivered to a customised extent and with variable delivery frequencies.

Supply format

ESRI grid, BIL or GeoTIFF (16 bit)


Whole of continent.

How to access our NDVI satellite imagery data

Access options

1. Once-off data request

Request one-time access to the latest version of this dataset in a format that suits you.

Need help? 

You can contact our Business Solutions team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on our data and SLIP subscription services.