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Property Interest Report

A property interest gives rights, restrictions and responsibilities to a landowner, in the use or enjoyment of their land. Our Property Interest Report will outline the known unregistered interests that may affect a property.

Property interests in WA

Our Property Interest Report can provide you with the list and description of interests that may impact the use and enjoyment of any property within Western Australia, outlining details such as whether a property is heritage-listed or located on or within proximity of a contaminated site.

To learn more about the property interests that exist in Western Australia, search the Interest Dictionary. Find a list of interests currently available in our reports.

A Property Interest Report complements a Certificate of Title

Did you know not all interests are shown (registered) on your title? Our Property Interest Report offers a list of all known unregistered property interests, to complement the details found on your Certificate of Title including:

  • A definition of each property interest and the relevant associated legislation.
  • Information on potential land use restrictions that may affect how a property could be used or developed.
  • Details on the relevant authority or government department to contact for further information about a particular interest.

Property Interest Reports are useful for:

  • Property professionals to help inform their homebuyers.
  • Homebuyers to learn more about a property before they buy.
  • Reducing the need to contact each government department separately.
  • Knowing which government department to contact for more information.

All you need to get started is:

  • a property street address OR title number (volume and folio) OR lot on plan number
  • a debit or credit card
  • email address (for report to be sent to).

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