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Learn about our customer portal and how to access professional services

What is MyLandgate?

MyLandgate is a customer portal for anyone who needs to access specialist channels tailored for different industry sectors, essential products and services, updates, helpful links, as well as guides and resources.

How accounts work

We recognise that quick and easy access to is important for your business needs. MyLandgate has specialist channels tailored for different industry sectors. It also provides access to essential products and services, news and updates, useful links, training manuals, publications, and other helpful tools.

Registration, account set up, and User Representative nomination is required, which will provide you with access to the default services in the business channel. You can request access to additional industry-based channels after set up.

  • An account is set up for a company after it meets the requirements. This allows invoices and statements to be sent to the correct person in your business for action and payment each month.
  • User Representative is a person nominated by your business to hold the access responsibility of your company’s account. Your business can nominate more than one User Representative as they have the authority to maintain your company’s users. This authority includes accepting or declining user requests to join your billing account, removing a user from the account, and approving or submitting channel changes.
  • User is the term given to anyone who has registered for a Landgate login, which provides access to Landgate’s Online Services. A user who requires access to MyLandgate will also be required to join the appropriate billing account and be approved by its User Representatives. This allows the user to use the MyLandgate portal and charge the account when interacting with the products and services Landgate provides.

Helpful information and resources

Visit dedicated sections on this page to learn more about MyLandgate and how to complete specific actions.

MyLandgate channels

Registration is required to access all MyLandgate channels. The business channel is the default for all users. The planning channel is for access to Display Regional Schemes. There are a set of standard features across all channels, and then some unique access specific for that industry group.

Standard features include:

  • regular online services updates
  • Landgate Customer Information Bulletins
  • Aerial photography updates.

MyLandgate users can be granted access to four channels:

My company needs a billing account

You can apply for a MyLandgate billing account by filling in the online form and submitting the necessary details. As part of your application, you’ll be asked to nominate contacts. All nominated personnel need to have a Landgate login registered prior to application submission.

  • User Representative contacts: are authorised to add, remove and modify user access associated with your account. It is recommended that you nominate at least two in case one of your User Representatives is unavailable at the time requests are made.
  • Account billing contact: is the only person in your organisation Landgate staff will contact about a financial account enquiry.
  • EAS2/PRO contact: If your company is a conveyancing or settlement agency and you require access to electronic advice of sales, then you will need an EAS2/PRO contact. This is the person who is authorised to provide a Water Corporation ID number. Their email address is the one all ratings certificates are delivered to.

Please allow up to 12 working days for your initial account application to be processed. Landgate will review the application, establish your billing account, and connect your nominated User Representatives with their Landgate logins to the MyLandgate account.

As part of the application process:

  • we will conduct a credit check to verify information provided
  • a unique customer account number will be created for your organisation
  • you will receive a letter to confirm your account number, monthly credit limit and Landgate contact details for future reference.

To apply for a MyLandgate billing account, start the application process now.

My Company already has an account and I wish to join it

Once you have a MyLandgate billing account established, your company’s users must join your billing account. Users log in on Landgate’s website with their Landgate login and submit a request to join the account. Your company’s User Representatives will need to provide the users with the billing account number so they can locate the account to join, and approve the request once generated by the user.

A guide to assist users to Join a Billing Account is available in the Guides section below.

I’m a User Representative and I want to make changes to the MyLandgate billing account

User Representatives can submit the MyLandgate Contact form to:

  • update company details
  • update the nominated User Representatives.

Helpful resources

Read our handy guides for more information and find answers to frequently asked questions.


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