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Managing a community scheme

Developers can create an efficient, high-functioning management structure across a community scheme – one that supports common property and governance arrangements that are fair and flexible.

Multi-tier governance arrangements

Smart scheme governance happens when the right people are making the right decisions.

Community schemes have been designed with this in mind, as they provide for the most efficient, appropriate decision-making to occur across the multiple tiers of the scheme.

Each community titles scheme in the community scheme has its own community corporation.

A community corporation is the body corporate that manages the scheme by-laws, common property and finances of the community titles scheme. Learn more on the role of community corporations.

Through this framework, decision-making can occur on matters that affect all owners in the community scheme, while still allowing autonomous decision making for owners on matters that are specific to their community titles scheme.

It's anticipated that this capability of community schemes will hold strong appeal for those who will own or occupy this new style of development.

Learn more on the multi-tier governance framework

Fair approach to common property

The multi-tier framework of a community scheme supports a common-sense, flexible approach to how common property can be owned and managed across a mixed-use scheme.

It enables common property to be owned and managed in a way that is more equitable and targeted to the uses of its various community titles schemes.

This is possible by allowing the lot owners of each community titles scheme to focus on managing, maintaining and contributing to the common property that relates to their scheme – which might be residential, retail, commercial or industrial.

For example, within a community scheme this clarity around common property could allow the lot owners in a residential scheme to share ownership, management and costs of a pool, but not in a loading bay, which would instead be owned and managed by a commercial scheme.

In instances where all schemes have a shared interest in common property within the community scheme - such as a common driveway - the owners of lots in each scheme will own a proportionate share in such common property and be required to contribute to the maintenance and management of that common property.

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