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LiDAR data

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) uses light in the form of a pulsed laser (typically from an aircraft) to measure 'ranges', thereby enabling the accurate calculation of distances and elevations in a 3D environment.

About our LiDAR dataset

As the State’s custodian of elevation data, we’re making our existing LiDAR data archive (and future acquisitions) available for use by State & local governments and the commercial sector. Our repository comprises of acquisitions since 2017, captured over specific areas of the state in support of various state-based initiatives and at various resolutions.

There are two types of LiDAR – topographic and bathymetric (seabed). The Landgate offerings are topographic only and are available as either Raw or Classified. In some instances, derived DEMs or contours are also available.


  • raw – unprocessed point cloud
  • classified* – processed to differentiate between ground and non-ground features only
  • derived DEM* – 1m postings
  • contours* - 0.5m interval.

*where available

Landgate’s raw LiDAR data can be used in:

  • Land management (rehabilitation, benchmarking, erosion) 
  • Hazard management (landslides, earthquakes, floods, fires) 
  • Examining both natural and manmade environments 
  • Forestry (deforestation) and agriculture management 
  • Mining 
  • Creating digital twins 
  • Asset management (eg infrastructure corridor) 
  • Creating hi-res DEMs 


An indicative extent is shown below. 

View LiDAR coverage

An alternate interactive coverage index is available in Locate.

How to find index in locate

The LiDAR index is also available as either a webservice or Data Download from DataWA.

Supply format

LiDAR data is supplier in LAS (LASer) format.  It is an open, binary format and regarded as the industry standard.

Data dictionary

How to access our integrated LiDAR data

Access options

1. Once-off data request

Request a one-time extract of the latest version of this dataset in a format that suits you.


Need help?

You can contact our Business Solutions team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on our data and SLIP subscription services.