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White Ribbon accreditation

The White Ribbon accreditation of our workplace demonstrates our commitment to gender equality and a safe workplace for everyone.

Becoming an accredited workplace

Landgate commenced its journey to have our workplace become White Ribbon accredited in 2021.

White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation is one of the key steps Landgate has taken to create a strong culture of respect and acting with integrity. It works alongside many of the other strategies that we have in place to ensure our workplace is safe and healthy for all who work or interact with us.

Being accredited requires Landgate to take targeted actions to contribute to a reduction of violence against women - starting with increasing the awareness of the issue and its impacts, as well as creating a culture of gender equality.

Through ongoing participation as an accredited workplace, Landgate will be able to educate, raise awareness, implement prevention strategies, and highlight and support the positive role men play in this.

Landgate has zero tolerance of violence against women.

"We are determined to create a positive and respectful workplace for all. This is something that myself, the Landgate Board and Corporate Executive feel passionately about and are committed to developing a culture of zero tolerance of violence against women. This involves driving a change in culture, behaviour and attitudes that lead to violence against women and their children". 

– Landgate Chief Executive, Graeme Gammie.

Our White Ribbon Operational Plan

Landgate has a White Ribbon Operational Plan that sets out our journey to reaccreditation in 2025. Our approach to the prevention of violence against women is based on three key pillars:

  • Awareness – change is never easy; for this reason, we will continue to engage our staff via a detailed communication plan that will ensure our message is clear and our tolerance is zero.
  • Education – we will continue to mandate training for our leaders with a schedule of ongoing, targeted learning and development.
  • Assistance – we will ensure policies and procedures continue to be available that provide tangible assistance and support including:
    • information for leaders that relates to victims and perpetrators;
    • a workplace safety plan that adopts a ‘preventative’ family violence approach;
    • an Employee Assistance Program that offers a range of support services, depending on the specific need; and
    • training for all staff that provides the tools to enable them to support employees who need support.

We will continue to review our current policies and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose.

White Ribbon accreditation is just one of the ways Landgate is demonstrating our commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace. Read about our other initiatives via our Workforce and diversity plans and Why work with us pages.

You can find out more about White Ribbon Australia on their website.

Our White Ribbon achievements so far

  • Visible organisational and senior leadership commitment.
  • Active Bystander training, attended by 97% of staff. 
  • Annual program of mandatory training for leaders implemented. 
  • Inclusion of White Ribbon training into onboarding of new employees.
  • Annual White Ribbon Day event, raising funds for a local not for profit organisation working in the violence against women / family violence sector.