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Resources for strata buyers

Strata lot buyers are covered by legal protections that are designed to help you be well-informed about what you are buying into. Use this page to access fact sheets and FAQs for strata buyers.

Key information

  • Under WA strata law, buyers must be given compulsory upfront information about both the strata titles scheme and the strata lot they are looking to buy into.
  • This allows buyers to make an informed decision, ensuring they can more fully assess the strata property that is for sale and compare it against other properties they are considering.
  • This compulsory information should enable you to understand how cooperative the strata community is, evaluate the financial status of the scheme and consider your budget for ongoing or upcoming scheme costs.
  • Be sure to review all the information provided to you (by law) from the potential strata seller, before signing any offer and acceptance contract on a strata property.

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