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Welcome to our brand new website! Let’s guide you easily to what you’re looking for. This help centre has been designed to help you access the key information and services you rely on faster.

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Whatever the reason for visiting, we want to direct you towards the right place. To help us get you quickly to the pages, forms, tasks, products, services, or information you require, please start by selecting the identity below that best describes you and your needs.

  • Conveyancer

    I’m looking to find titles, plans, surveys, and related documents to accurately prepare and manage detailed conveyancing transactions, like property sales contracts.

  • Surveyor

    As a cadastral surveyor, I need daily access to the MyLandgate Survey Channel, where I can reach the Landgate services relevant to my work conducting authorised surveys. As a engineering surveyor, I need daily access from the office and the field to Map Viewer Plus and the Geodesy page for the latest information on the state geodetic network, datums and project grids.

  • General Public

    I have questions relating to buying and selling land or property, such as how to order a Certificate of Title, survey plan or to find out the status of my lodgement. I also may need to understand how my property is valued and how fees are determined, and I require access to guides and fact sheets to support me.

  • Professional

    As a professional customer – such as a banker, broker, town planner or engineer, valuer, consultant, value added reseller or developer, I need a range of services to help me and my clients achieve various tasks. These include but are not limited to, obtaining Certificates of Title and survey plans, accessing online maps, aerial or satellite imagery and gaining trusted land data with the appropriate license for me.

  • State Government Worker

    I need access to land and property information and data such as valuations, asset registers, strata plans, Certificates of Title or advice related to State Government owned land. I want to access up-to-date and timely information on policies, fees and licensing.

  • Local Government

    I want to submit a road name application or learn more about Aboriginal dual naming policies and guidelines. I often need to assist the community with information on topics such as strata, rating and taxing valuations and other services required to perform my work, assisting the local government sector.

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