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Administrative boundary data

Our administrative boundary data contains authoritative boundary information for Western Australia covering administrative areas and aligned with the State’s cadastre.

What is included? 

Administrative boundary data includes local governments, local government wards, localities (suburbs), townsites, land districts, port authorities, marine parks and reserves, infrastructure corridors, water control areas, state forests, Native Title claims, and State electoral districts and regions.

Further administrative boundaries are to be added, such as rail freight line corridors, marine harbours and ports, and heritage areas. Apart from applying directly to land administration, they also provide a useful tool in identifying potential 'areas of interest' for cadastral data extraction and demographic studies. The data is updated on a daily basis ensuring very reliable datasets. 

Administrative boundary data gives you: 

  • unique ID number 
  • usage code, which signifies the purpose of the polygon (e.g. locality) 
  • postcode 
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics number (assigned to local areas) 
  • legal area in square metres.
Key information and attributes 
Polygon area, unique identification number, electoral (Commonwealth, State and Local Government), local government, locality and townsite boundaries.
Geometry type Polygon 
Supply format Shape files, DXF, File Geodatabase, GeoPackage, SLIP - Web Services, API's and Data Downloads
Update cycle  Daily 
Coverage  Whole of state
Data download Yes 
Accuracy  Administrative boundaries have extents that are defined under legislative requirements (both State and Federal). Administrative boundaries within the service are linked to the State's Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) and therefore carry the same point/line accuracies. This service should not be relied upon for legal purposes instead refer to the original statutory documentation. 

Data dictionaries 

Administrative boundary data dictionary - SLIP
Administrative boundary data dictionary - Data Delivery

How to access our Administrative boundary data

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