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Buying and selling property

Understand how the transfer of land process at Landgate works.

Get to know about property transactions

Thinking about purchasing a property or putting your home on the market? Already placed an offer on your dream home?

The information below will help you understand the transfer of land process at Landgate. It will also ensure that the steps in title exchange between buyer and seller are completed correctly.

Do your research

When you’re considering buying or selling property, Landgate has a range of products for purchase that may help you make an informed decision about the property, including:


When purchasing products from Landgate, please read the product information page to determine if the product is right for you.

Transferring ownership of a property

The Landgate form to transfer ownership of a property is the Transfer of Land form.

When buying or selling property you can either engage with a settlement agent or solicitor who will conduct the transfer of land process on your behalf. Or you can submit the Transfer of Land form to Landgate as a self-represented party.

Please note: Landgate is unable to provide advice on how to complete your Transfer of Land form. Please speak to a settlement agent, conveyancer or solicitor should you require information of this nature.

What do I need for my land transfer?

  • Verification of Identity (VOI) – the identity of the person(s) signing as transferors and transferees must be verified.
  • Title Search (recommended) – you may choose to purchase a copy of the Certificate of Title for the property you plan to purchase or sell. This will highlight any potential encumbrances on the title that you need to be aware of.
  • Completed Transfer of Land form (T1 or T2)
  • 'Certificate of Duty' or document stamped – this is obtained from RevenueWA for the assessment of (transfer/stamp) duty
  • Registration fees payable to Landgate

Self-represented parties can find more detailed information on how to prepare the required documentation in the Simple Transfer of Land Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Still need to know more about the process of buying and selling property? Find answers and help here.