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What we do

Landgate is Western Australia’s land information authority, proudly serving our community, government and industry customers.

We secure land interests, value property and provide and promote the use of location data

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Our vision and purpose

Our vision is to fully harness the value of where to power a thriving Western Australia.

We see a future in which the where is central to how we make sense of our world, by accurately locating things on the ground, knowing what they are worth and securing interests in property. 

As we pursue this vision, we deliver on our purpose to support the sustainable economic, social and environmental management and development of land in Western Australia through three core services.

Our core services


We capture, maintain and deliver accurate location information across WA for use in everything from emergency services to agriculture and land use planning.

Our location services include:

  • Mapping products and services, such as aerial and satellite imagery, topographic maps and extensive online maps.
  • Maintaining the state’s primary location asset, the Spatial Cadastral Database.
  • Naming and addressing our streets, localities and geographical features.
  • Delivering a reliable geodetic framework.


We maintain the state’s land titles registry, ensuring the security and integrity of its information as WA’s guardian of property ownership.

Our registration services include:

  • Issuing and managing WA’s certificate of titles.
  • Registering interests in land, including ownership, mortgages, caveats, leases, memorials, and powers of attorney.
  • Providing cadastral survey plans to define property and land boundaries.
  • Administering strata titles dealings and related enquiries.


We provide fair and expert valuations for land and properties as the basis for rates and tax revenue for Local and State Government.

Our valuation services include:

  • Independent state-wide property valuations for over 1.1 million properties per year.
  • Specialist valuations services for government departments, agencies, and local authorities.
  • Pastoral lease rent reviews.
  • Management of the state’s property asset register.

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We’re a statutory authority

We are a statutory authority (The Western Australian Land Information Authority) with commercial powers, operating under the business name of Landgate. 

Established in 2007, we’re governed by the Land Information Authority Act 2006.  A statutory review of this legislation is undertaken every five years. Our board is accountable to the Minister for Lands. 

We deliver on our legislated responsibilities and more, including undertaking legislative reform at the request of the Minister for Lands and collaborating with Government and industry on commercial opportunities to further innovate and share WA’s location information. 

To learn more, see our legislated role.