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Strata support services

Learn about the strata services we offer and how we can support your enquiry, either through our online resources or strata enquiry line. You’ll also find information on who else you might contact for guidance.

Our strata services

WA’s strata law is designed to help strata titles schemes run effectively. All registered strata titled properties are subject to the Strata Titles Act 1985 (STA) which Landgate administers on behalf of the State Government.

Here’s how we can help you  

  • Registration of new, amended, merged, converted or terminated strata titles schemes.
  • Registration of new by-laws, amendments, and repeals of scheme by-laws for strata titles schemes.(If your scheme has registered its own by-laws with Landgate and isn’t using the by-laws set out in the STA).
  • Advice on the boundaries of individual strata titled lots and common property.
  • Guidance on how to incorporate common property into individual lots and vice versa.
  • Administration and lodgement of strata manager periodic returns.
  • Providing access to the documentation and support resources to complete the strata services described above.

Visit our Strata transactions hub to learn more on these services.

We also offer general information resources to help scheme participants understand how strata operates in WA. Visit our Learn about strata page to find out more.

If your strata enquiry is different to the services outlined above, refer to Other support contacts.

We cannot provide legal advice on strata matters.

Landgate can only guide customers on a general basis, as to the rights and responsibilities set out by WA strata law.

Strata enquiry line

We receive many strata enquiries every year. That’s why we have a number where customers can receive support from our dedicated strata enquiries team.

Call 08 9273 7047.

Or Contact us for other customer support options.

No matter how you choose to contact us, we’re here to help.

Strata transactions hub

Use our Strata transactions hub to connect to our full catalogue of strata titles forms and customer support resources.

You’ll find links to the following pages:

Other support contacts

Other WA organisations and support contacts that might be able to help you with your strata matter are provided below. They each support one or more of the following areas of customer enquiry:

  • Legal advice
    You may be seeking legal advice to guide you on a strata matter.
  • Strata consultants
    When you need professional help with information and guidance relating to strata matters in WA. 
  • Valuation advice
    A licensed valuer can assist you with valuation advice of a strata/survey strata lot or for any other reason related to strata that you would usually require the services of a licensed valuer for.
  • Dispute resolution support
    You might be seeking more formal mediation and dispute resolution support if you have not been able to resolve your dispute directly with another lot owner, the strata company or strata manager.
  • Subdivision advice
    If you are making enquiries about the subdivision of your property (by strata or survey-strata) a licensed surveyor will be able to assist you in the subdivision process.

Here are some support contacts and how they might be able to assist you.

The Law Society of WA
Offer an online ‘Find a lawyer’ database with contact details of lawyers with experience in certain areas of law, including strata.

Strata Community Association (Western Australia)
WA’s peak industry body for body corporate and community title management can supply you with contact details for strata consultants and legal practitioners who are members of the Association.
Tel: (08) 9381 7084
Note: This number cannot be called for general strata advice.

The Citizens Advice Bureau of WA
Can assist with mediation and dispute resolutions. 
Tel: (08) 9325 4121

State Administrative Tribunal
If mediation is not successful or not considered viable, the State Administrative Tribunal can provide a dispute resolution process. 
Tel: (08) 9219 3111

The Australian Property Institute
May be able to assist you to find a licensed valuer via their online ‘Find a property professional’ search.
Tel: (08) 9381 7288

The Land Surveyors Licensing Board of WA
May be able to assist you to find a licensed surveyor via their online ‘Find a licensed surveyor’ search.
Tel: (08) 9273 7104