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Resources for strata tenants

Being a strata tenant is similar to being an owner, in that you need to follow the scheme’s by-laws and are entitled to certain consumer protections. Use this page to access fact sheets and FAQs for strata tenants.

Key information

  • Strata tenants must comply with a scheme’s by-laws, which set out how the strata titles scheme is run and the expected conduct of all the people who own, live in, and visit the strata property.
  • It’s important that you have a copy of your strata scheme by-laws so that you understand what’s expected of you as a tenant.
  • If you experience a dispute as a strata tenant concerning the scheme by-laws or a resolution or decision of the strata company that directly affects you, you can initiate a formal dispute resolution process via the State Administrative Tribunal, though parties are encouraged to resolve it themselves in the first instance.
  • Under WA strata law, you must be notified if you are a tenant in a strata scheme that has received a termination proposal. This means that the owners of the lots in the scheme are going to vote on whether to proceed withthe termination proposal between two and six months after receiving the proposal.

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