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Property street address data

We maintain property street address details in conjunction with input from local government authorities who are responsible for allocating street address under the Local Government Act 1997. 

What is included?

Landgate maintains property street address details with information provided by local government authorities who are the responsible entity for street address allocation. Information is captured for both urban and rural properties. Our property street address data is delivered in a format compatible with Australian Standard AS4590.

Property street address data gives you:

  • unique polygon ID number for the lot to which the address point belongs
  • address ID number (AIN)
  • type of number (house, lot, etc.) 
  • road name and road type (e.g. street, road, avenue, etc.)
  • locality
  • the X and Y coordinates
Key information and attributes
Complex street addressing for building stratas, with primary and secondary street addressing, parcel identification number (PIN) to enable cadastral polygon identification, AS4590 format.
Geometry type Point
Supply format Shape files, DXF, File Geodatabase, GeoPackage, comma separated value (csv), SLIP - Web Services, API's and Data Downloads.
Update cycle Daily 
Coverage  Whole of state
Data download Yes 
Accuracy  N/A


How to access our property street address data

Access options

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