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Data WA

Data WA is the place to discover public sector data. It is the WA data catalogue that provides access to thousands of datasets from a wide range of federal, state and local government organisations.

Connecting you with data

Data WA was launched in 2015 along with the WA Whole of Government Open Data Policy. There is vast, untapped potential in the data that government generates through its day-to-day operations. Providing open access to this data improves service delivery, unlocks opportunities to solve problems in new ways and supports new data-driven businesses in Western Australia.

The aim of the WA Open Data Policy is to improve the management and use of public sector data to deliver value and benefit to Western Australia.

Landgate leads the implementation of the policy through Data WA, working in close partnership with Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s, Office of Digital Government who own the policy.

Data WA can help you to discover data from across the public sector.  If you need a specific dataset, Data WA can help you to see what is available and, if it requires permission to access, who to talk to about it.

Landgate works in collaboration with the public sector and data communities to:

  • provide the Data WA platform
  • improve data sharing and access through collaboration and engagement with WALIS
  • assist agencies to make their data discoverable and accessible through Data WA and the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP)
  • provide a community forum to facilitate communication and engagement to improve data discoverability, access and reuse
  • provide guidance and support to data consumers and professionals to access data and interact effectively
  • foster good data management practices through consultation and collaboration in national forums such as ANZLIC, the Spatial Information Council, and the Intergovernmental Committee on Survey Mapping (ICSM).