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Videos on GRV and UV

Explore our series of explainer videos to help you learn more about GRV and UV.

Gross Rental Value (GRV) Videos

The Gross Rental Value, or GRV, represents the gross annual rental that a property might reasonably be expected to earn annually if it were rented, including rates, taxes, insurance and other outgoings. For non-residential properties, GST is also included.

What is Gross Rental Value (GRV) and how does it affect my rates?

What is the date of valuation of my GRV?

How and when is GRV calculated?

What if I don't agree with my GRV?

What happens when improvements or changes are made to my property?

Gross Rental Value (GRV) example

Unimproved Value (UV) Videos

Unimproved Value, or UV, is the value of land only. It does not include the value of your home, other structures or improvements. For land within the metropolitan area and within regional townsites the UV does include merged improvements such as drainage, levelling and filling

Please note that "Office of State Revenue" referenced in the videos below has changed to "RevenueWA".

What is Unimproved Value (UV) and how does it affect my land tax?

What if I don't agree with my UV or land tax?

Unimproved Value (UV) example