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How to make changes to a title

Find the form you’re looking for and consult our how-to-guides, designed to help you make changes to your title or apply for a duplicate copy.

Prepare your documents

Before you dive into the details on how to make changes to your title, you may want to look at these guides that let you know how to fill out our forms so you get it right first time.

Basic requirements of document preparation
Document lodgement acceptability guide
Lodgement acceptability checklist

Completing our forms

We now offer electronic forms (e-forms) with dropdown menus, help fields and the ability to source and add relevant information straight from the Land Titles Register. These forms help you to get it right first time.

To use our e-forms, you will need to register a Landgate online account.

  • If you’re a MyLandgate account holder get started here or reset your password.   
  • If you’re a new user, get started here.

If you prefer to work with our pdfs, you can save them to your computer and type directly into the text boxes or complete by hand.


All forms must be printed in duplex format (i.e. printed on both sides of the paper), excluding the Record Interest – Mortgage (National Mortgage form which may be printed in simplex form (i.e. single sided).

Choose from our selection of how-to-guides to prepare and lodge your forms.

How to track your lodgement

You may wish to track the progress of your lodgement through Land Enquiry Services. This is a free service available through the Landgate website; if you are not already an account user you will need to register by providing your name and email address to access the Dealing Status Search function.

Alternatively you may wish to subscribe to Notify Me to receive automated email notifications that provide status and location change updates for nominated dealings and plans.