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Historical imagery scans and enlargements

Our historical archive has Western Australian aerial photography dating back to 1948.

What options are available?

  • Orthorectified aerial photography (photography that has been geometrically corrected) can be viewed and purchased online via our Map Viewer Plus. A coverage index of Landgate's orthophoto mosaics shows availability and status of orthorectified photography.
  • Unrectified (ie non-geometrically corrected) aerial photographic scans and enlargements are available in digital format. Scans are available at up to 1270 dpi only, in colour or in black and white depending on when the aerial imagery was flown.  
  • Historical imagery information (raw unrectified scans at 1270 dpi) is available on the Locate platform. You can access the information on what historical imagery is available by following these instructions.

For all enquiries regarding Locate please contact our Customer Service team.

To complete your order, you’ll need:

  • area of interest (street address, coordinates and/or title details)
  • time frame of photography
  • debit or credit card
  • email address.

Order your digital scans and enlargements today

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Please Note

There is an initial search fee that needs to be paid in advance for all requests for historical imagery. The rate is $195.80 incl gst per hour. The fee will be dependent on the search time involved for each request.  Please email us for further details.