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New road and place naming requests

At Landgate we accept applications from local governments or their authorised representatives, for new names relating to roads, suburbs, administrative boundaries and topographic features.

Where a local government has given delegated authority to a surveyor, the surveyor can submit the request along with evidence of their delegated authority.

Applications should be channelled through the relevant local government for their approval, or be endorsed by the government department where the feature is located.

If you would like to change an existing name, please view our Assessment process for name change proposals for more information.

Naming rules and requirements

All applications for road and other names should comply with the naming rules for places in WA.

Safety is one important reason we have road naming requirements. For example, emergency services could go to the wrong address if there are roads with the same or very similar names in nearby suburbs.

At Landgate, we refer to these two key governing documents below to help guide what we do in terms of naming:

We strongly recommend you go through these before making a submission, as they outline the criteria used to assess name suitability.

Toolkit for Local Government

The toolkit is designed as an online submission portal. It allows local governments to access and directly lodge road naming requests. The portal can also be used to pre-test the suitability of a road name.

For road name request

Landgate provides an online form that can be used for two purposes:

1. To check, in advance, whether a proposed name meets the preliminary requirements of the  Policies and Standards for the Geographical Naming of Western Australia.

The form can be used to check a proposed name for:

  • a new road
  • a change to an existing road
  • to use an existing road name on an extended section of the road
  • a combination of these if they are within the same development sit

2. To submit the checked and completed form online, together with all supporting documentation. Incomplete applications will not be progressed until all required information has been submitted.

All road naming requests must be submitted by a local government or its authorised representative.

Refer to our FAQs  below for more information on using the form.

For park/reserve name request

Landgate provides an online form where you can check if a proposed park/reserve name meets the preliminary requirements of the Policies and Standards for the Geographical Naming of Western Australia, and submit new requests.

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about naming requests and how to use the form.