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CIB 340: End of Financial Year document lodgement

End of Financial Year is traditionally a time of high lodgement activity.

It is the responsibility of the lodging party to ensure documents comply at the time of lodgement. The Land Transactions toolkit and Lodgement acceptability checklist can assist with the preparation of documents before lodgement.

On Tuesday 30 June 2020, Landgate will support customers and industry with the following initiatives:

Self-Lodgement – Self-lodgement will continue to run in line with CIB 333: Self-lodgement extended.

Settlement Agents/Conveyancers spreading settlements and lodgements out over the day will help reduce lodgement bottlenecks, to ensure all customers are able to meet the 4.30pm deadline required and keep queue times down.

Landgate’s customer service team members can process your important documents in a more efficient manner when a consistent flow of documents is received for lodgement rather than large spikes.

Increased drop box size – To prepare for a higher lodgement volume the capacity of the drop box will be increased and additional clearing during peak times will be provided.

Customer Service Officers – Our team will be scaled up in the back office to ensure documents are lodged as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining social distancing.

Hygiene – Landgate will have plenty of hand sanitiser at both offices for customer and staff use, with surfaces being regularly cleaned. We also remind customers to practice physical distancing, even during this busy time when traffic is traditionally high.

Electronic Lodgement – To avoid the uncertainty of paper lodgements, Landgate encourages electronic lodgement of land transfer documents. More information on electronic lodgement can be found on the eConveyancing page.

End of Financial Year business hours
Landgate lodgement hours remain strictly 8:30am to 4.30pm.
Documents will not be accepted for lodgement outside these hours.

Juanita Prestianni
Director of Customer Service