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CIB 333: Self-lodgement extended

Landgate has continued to monitor developments and advice about the COVID-19 virus. Following the successful self-lodgement trial and evolving situation, we will be continuing self-lodgement of all paper documents for the foreseeable future.

Until alternative advice is received, the Landgate team will not accept any customer-facing lodgement – you will self-lodge as per the amended lodgement process. Phone support will continue to be available and you can access web chat from your own device.

In Midland, the counters will remain staffed for other non-lodgement Landgate services. Please familiarise yourself with the amended lodgement process and Landgate’s fees and charges.

As was the case during the trial, the following will remain the same:

  • All documents will remain subject to lodgement, examination and requisition processes.
  • All lodgements will remain subject to relevant fees and charges including those for incorrect or incomplete documents.
  • Bulk lodgements remain unaffected.
  • Landgate’s Midland office continues to be operational for non-lodgement tasks.

Thank you for the feedback received through the trial, we have made improvements to the self-lodgement process as a result. Please review the Self-Lodgement Trial FAQs and continue to provide feedback to enable us to continue to improve this process.

As always, our Customer Service team is available on phone, 08 9273 7373, or via webchat to assist with your enquiries.

Thank you for your support through the self-lodgement trial and for your continued support moving forward.

Yours sincerely,

JV signature

Jean Villani

Registrar of Titles