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Digital Elevation Model data

Our elevation data comprises digital elevation models (DEMs) which in turn is a generic term for both a digital surface model (DSM) or a digital terrain model (DTM). 

What is included?

Our DEM datasets are derived from a range of capture technologies. Most are generated in the creation of ortho-mosaics undertaken as part of the annual imagery capture program. However, some newer and higher resolution DEMs are now available; derived from our recent LiDAR acquisitions – the extents of which can be found here.

In the main, Landgate DEMs are edited DSMs that remove the majority of buildings and trees to create pseudo-DTMs.

Reduced grid spacing DEMs (1 or 2m ‘postings’) are typically available in the higher resolution captures over populated areas, but the majority of the state exists as 5m grid postings.

DEM data can be used for:

  • rectification of aerial imagery 
  • surface analysis 
  • ingestion into GIS to provide elevation data 
  • production of relief maps 
  • 3D visualisation 
  • water flow analysis 
  • line of sight analysis.


DEM coverage is available across approximately 80% of the state. Take a look at our latest DEM Index.

Landgate South West Digital Terrain Model

We have a complete, current, and seamless Digital Elevation Model (DTM) covering the South West region of Western Australia. 

Contemporary technologies and processing techniques utilised in the production of the South West DTM have afforded significant improvements when compared to the previous DTM produced over the area, including:

  • 4x more data @ 5m grid intervals 
  • greatly improved accuracy with 97% of points falling within ± 1m 
  • seamless data between capture projects.

Supply format

ASCII or BIL (Band Interleaved by Line)

How to access our elevation data

Access options

Request a one-time extract of the latest version of this dataset in a format that suits you.


Need help?

You can contact our Business Solutions team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on our data and SLIP subscription services.