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APX-10 Strata Plan Digital Data Format Specification

Version 2 - 23/07/2020

This guide is intended as general information only. If you are uncertain of your rights or interests, please seek professional legal advice. Landgate staff are not able to give legal advice or to draft your documents. Please read our Terms of Use above.

Digital File Lodgement Requirements

This User Guide is intended as an aid for surveyors when creating CSV files for lodgement with Landgate to meet the requirements of Transfer of Land (Surveys) Regulations 1995 - Regulation 3.

1. Business Rules

The requirements for creating a file for digital lodgement of Strata data are as follows:

  • The data must be consistent with the survey plan, as lodged, i.e. areas, sheets and floors must be as shown on the plan.
  • Mandatory for Built Strata submissions.
  • Non-compliant CSV files will be requisitioned.

2. Digital Data Specifications

A header for the file is mandatory with the attribute values as shown in Section 2.1. Values must be separated by a comma without spaces. Values are not case sensitive.

Example:- Lot,TotalArea,Floor,Sheet1

Paragraph inserted 23/07/2020

2.1. Strata Lot Record


Strata lot Record

Mandatory.  CSV file will include the total area, floors and sheets for each lot as shown in the below table and example.


Record example: - 1,57,"B,G,1","2,3,4"




Lot number (max 5 characters )

Lot must be an integer greater than 0 (Zero)

Total Area

Total area of Lot

Value must be an integer greater than 0 (Zero) and is the sum of all lot areas defined on the plan. Including internal and external parts for the exclusive use of the lot.  Includes storage areas, parking bays and balconies.


Comma separated list of floors for lot. (max 2 characters)

Values must be from the list.

A, B, C, G, M, R, LG, UG, UC, UF,1M through to 9M inclusive, M1 through to M9 inclusive and 1 through to 99 inclusive.

Landgate translates these values as follows:

A: Attic

B: Basement (If referencing multiple Basement Floors, use B for all)

C: Cellar

G: Ground floor

M: Mezzanine

R: Roof

LG: Lower ground

UG: Upper ground

UC: Undercroft

UF: Upper floor

1  through 99: floor as shown on Sheet


Comma separated list of sheets for lot. (max XX characters)

Values must be integers and in a numerically ascending list.

Note: Acceptable floor values list is to be expanded for the commencement of Community Titles Act 2018.

3. CSV Examples


1,57, "B,G,1", "2,3,4"

2,77, "B,G,1", "2,3,4"

3,79, "B,G,2", "2,3,5"

4,55, "B,2,3", "2,5,6"

5,55, "B,2,3", "2,5,6"

Line inserted 23/07/2020

4. CSD Submission for Built Strata Plans

For Strata Plans that create a new road, road widening or Vesting lot, a CSD file is required as part of the lodgement of the plan.

Any spatial interests amended, or new interests or notifications, will also require the submission of a CSD file.

The CSD file is to capture the relevant roads, lots, and interest polygons and the necessary ties to the cadastre. The parent lot is to be shown as a lot on the CSD file.

For interest polygons over Common Property, lot label is to be of the parent lot.

CSD to be created as per APX-05 documentation

4.1. Built Strata CSD Example

The Built Strata Plan shown below requires a CSD submission has a road, road widening, and vesting lot are being created on the plan.  A CSD submission is required as the existing interest is being amended.  A CSD submission is required as the new interest is being created.


5. CSD Submissions for Survey-Strata Plans

It is mandatory to supply a CSD submission.  CSD to be created as per APX-05 documentation.