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APX-08 Reference for interests and notifications box as depicted on plans

Version 1 - 16/05/2018

This guide is intended as general information only. If you are uncertain of your rights or interests, please seek professional legal advice. Landgate staff are not able to give legal advice or to draft your documents. Please read our Terms of Use above.

1. Reference for Interests and Notifications Box as Depicted on Deposited Plans

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2. Easements, Covenants, Memorials & Other Interests

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3. Vestings, Notifications & Memorials

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4. Note

The reference for Interests and Notifications Box as Depicted on Plans has been updated to include new information.  As a result:

  • All information pertaining to Easements, Covenants, Memorials and Other Interests is found in the first table;


  • All information pertaining to Vestings, Notifications and Memorials is found in the second table

To assist in identifying all the interests on a Plan, surveyors are to show the details in a ‘schedule of interests and notifications’. The schedule is to contain one or both types of dividing lines: the “full line” and the “dotted line”.


All interests and notifications being brought forward are to be listed in chronological order on registration date above ‘the full line’.

All new interests and notifications are to be shown below ‘the full line’ and above the ‘dotted line’ together with any interests being modified.


All new vestings and notifications are to be listed chronologically below the dotted line.

Please note that the dotted lines in each table are there to help you distinguish between the different Interests and Notifications and are not intended to be on Plans.