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STP-15 Structural Alteration of Lots

Version 2 - 01/05/2020

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Structural alterations on lots are regulated under STA (sections 86-90). Regulation 75 ST(G)R 2019 sets out the information to be provided by an owner applying for the approval of the strata company or other lot owners for any structural alteration to their lot. This application must contain information such as:

  • the open space or plot ratio requirements of the local authority which apply to the strata scheme as a whole and the particular lot;
  • the percentage and area by which these will be exceeded;
  • the dimensions of the structure when it is completed;
  • the location and dimensions of the proposed structure upon its completion in relation to any existing structure on the lot or to the boundaries of the lot;
  • whether the structural alteration to the lot changes the boundaries of the lot and whether the applicant has sought advice from a licensed surveyor about the effect of the structural alteration.

The last dot point helps ensure that a lot owner carrying out any structural alteration seeks the advice of a licensed surveyor as to whether lot boundaries are amended and how best to update the scheme plan. Structural alterations that affect lot boundaries require different scheme approval processes.

Full details on the information on structural alterations of lots in strata titles schemes can be found in Landgate’s publication “A Guide to Strata Titles”.