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CIB 416: Reminder about the importance of cyber security

In today's digitally connected world, cyber security is important for us all.

Landgate has comprehensive measures in place to detect and respond to any unusual activity identified, mitigate cyber risk and protect personal information.

However, it is still important that our customers remain vigilant about cyber security when transacting with us.

We can all play a part in keeping information safe online.  

Steps you can take to boost your safety online include:

1.       Verifying emails you receive to ensure they are coming from a trusted organisation before you respond, click on links or open attachments.

2.       Checking the email address that an email is sent from is correct and does not include a variation in spelling or a different domain name than expected. An example of this is an email that uses “” instead of “”.  

3.       Asking yourself if you are expecting the message and be immediately suspicious of any unexpected or unusual communication.

4.       Considering if the message has a sense of urgency or reason for you to click on a link or verify details immediately. If so, you should investigate further before acting.

5.       Looking to see if the sender is known to you. You can hover over the sender’s details to check the address where the email has come from and make sure the address is exactly the same as what you would usually see on correspondence from that organisation.

If you think something is suspicious, you should first contact the organisation to confirm the communication has come from them before taking any action.  

Landgate Customer Service can be contacted on (08) 9273 7373 or via webchat on the Landgate website.