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CIB 412: Additional Residual documents available from 7 August 2023

From 7 August 2023, 26 new Residual documents will be available for electronic preparation and lodgement in PEXA.

These new Residual documents are in addition to the 20 documents that were previously made available, meaning that a total of 46 Residual documents can now be lodged electronically. 

Some of the new Residual documents being launched include:

  • Application affecting ownership (excluding vesting) 
  • Notification pursuant to s.70A of the Transfer of Land Act 1893
  • Property (Seizure and Sale) Order  
  • Transfer of Mortgage  

The electronic lodgement of Residual documents is highly encouraged but currently not mandatory.

The use of Residual documents allows Landgate to utilise their additional functionality to register these documents faster. The time saved by using Residual documents allows Landgate to spend more time processing paper lodged documents, which reduces our backlog of manual documents.

Request to Accept Paper Lodgement coversheet is not required for a Residual document type lodged in paper, whether standalone or in a case. 

For a full list of Residual documents, including the documents that are included in this release, please refer to the Residual Document Table

For more information on Residual documents please refer to ELE-04 – Residual Documents in the Land Titles Registration Policy and Procedure Guides, or email