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CIB 403: One week until Landgate’s new website launches

Landgate’s new-look website will launch next Tuesday, 13 June at

After listening to our customers, we’ve developed a more efficient and contemporary online experience that has prioritised delivering:

  • Superior site search capability
  • Faster access to popular pages
  • Clearer organisation of information and services
  • Improved navigation and multi-device accessibility
  • A new ‘home of strata’ featuring expanded customer resources.

How we will support customers

Whatever your reason for visiting our site, we want to ensure you have fast access to the information and services you need. There will be a brief transition period for existing customers as you familiarise yourself with the new website and re-save your favourite pages.

To help you find the best location for your information enquiry, you’ll be supported by:

  • Clear navigation menus and an effective site search tool within our new website.
  • A new Help Centre with quick links to popular pages for our major customer groups - conveyancers, general public, state government, local government, surveyors and commercial.
  • An automatic redirection service, ensuring any existing Landgate website links that you currently use will be redirected post-launch to the most relevant location within the new website.
  • An automatic redirection of the and websites to their new online locations within Landgate’s website (under ‘strata and community titles’ and ‘satellite imagery’).
  • Our Customer Service team who are available to help you, through all their usual channels.
  • Direct access to our website team from go-live until the end of June can be emailed to:

For customers using MyLandgate and Land Enquiry Services, your experience with those platforms will not be affected in any way by the new website.

Launch timing on 13 June

Landgate will issue a CIB on 13 June once our new website has launched and is available for use.

Until that point, nothing changes for our customers and you can continue to use our existing website at in the same way you always do.

We look forward to sharing Landgate’s new website with you in a week’s time.