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Welcome to Landgate’s 2022-23 annual report

Landgate’s latest annual report is now available after being tabled by the Minister for Lands, Hon John Carey MLA in Parliament yesterday, 7 November.

Our customers and stakeholders are encouraged to read about our performance, functions and governance for the 2022-23 financial year, where we served over 182,000 customers.

View the report here.

Landgate Board Chairperson Kylee Schoonens and Chief Executive Graeme Gammie introduced this year’s annual report by noting: 

“Landgate continued its evolution this year with several future-defining investments and improvements to ensure the State’s land information authority progresses its vision to fully harness the value of ‘where’ to power a thriving Western Australia.

Some programs of work were delivered with immediate benefit, while others will have a more enduring impact on our customers, community and State across the years to come. This busy program of work was achieved amidst the challenges experienced within a buoyant property sector and tight labour market.”

Visit Landgate’s strategic plans and annual reports page for the latest reports from WA’s land information authority.