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CIB 387: New transfer, withdrawal of caveat and revocation of memorial eForms

Landgate has introduced new eForms for the preparation of transfers, withdrawal of caveats and revocation of memorials (under the Environmental Protection Act 1986).

Eforms enable customers to derive and populate information from the Land Titles Register to use on the forms, making it easier for customers to provide a more complete and accurate form.

These eForms are now available on the Landgate website and are approved for use from Tuesday, 12 July 2022.

In addition to the new forms, Landgate has identified enhancements to all existing eForms which include:

*Simplified address fields.
*Enabling text to be typed into execution blocks.

Please note that eligible transfers and withdrawal of caveat documents are required to be lodged electronically through an Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN). Ineligible transfers and withdrawal of caveats will be accepted for lodgement in paper, using either the existing PDF format or the new eForm format.

Please refer to the Landgate guide for eligible documents for paperless conveyancing for more information on which documents are eligible and ineligible for paper lodgement.

For any queries about this notice, please email

Bruce Roberts

Registrar of Titles