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CIB 380 | WA Operating Requirements Version 6.1

I can advise that version 6.1 of the WA Operating Requirements (WAOR) have been published on the Landgate website. Version 6.1 is a minor release to update WAOR 5.4.3 and extends the period to 30 June 2023 that an ELNO must ensure its service fee increases remain capped at the rate of the consumer price index (CPI).

This step has been taken as in interim measure whilst version 7 of the Model Operating Requirements remains under development by the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC). The change to WAOR 5.4.3 was included in a consultation draft for version 7 of the Model Operating Requirements, which was published for stakeholder consultation in November 2021.

Additional amendments to the WAOR in version 6.1 have also been made to align with Landgate’s specific governance framework, clarifying the roles of the Commissioner of Titles and the Land Registry (Western Australian Land Information Authority).

Version 6.1 of the WA Operating Requirements take effect from 17 June 2022.

If you have any enquires on this document, then please contact Landgate at

Kind regards,

Bruce Roberts
Registrar of Titles