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CIB 374: Urgent Announcement - Landgate Public Counter closing at 2pm today Wednesday 19 January 2022.

Due to a planned protest this afternoon, access to all floors of our building at 200 St George’s Terrace, Perth, will be restricted from 2pm onwards. In addition, there will be no public access to the Perth CBD office. However, customers can continue to lodge paper documents at our Midland office and Perth CBD office will reopen tomorrow at 8.30am Thursday 20 January 2022.

Landgate appreciates that this will have an impact on anyone planning to attend our office this afternoon in Perth CBD and may cause delays to settlements. Customers can still lodge documents digitally via online channels. We will continue delivery of our online services without interruption, but the Public Counter will be closing at 2pm.

If there are any concerns, clients should contact us.

Juanita Prestianni

Director Customer Service

19 January 2022