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Landgate accelerates six WA innovators

  • Six local innovators receive $25,000 grants
  • Recipients gain unique insight into WA Government location data, products, policies and processes
  • Gnulli Native Title Working Group to use grant to pilot a cultural mapping tool

Six local innovators have scooped up $25,000 each as part of the SPUR Location Technology Accelerator program, including a Native Title working group that is developing a cultural mapping tool.

Gnulli Native Title Working Group have received the SPUR Location Technology Accelerator First Nations grant, funded by the Department of Finance.

The Gnulli people are stewards of the extraordinary biological, cultural and linguistic diversity of the Gnulli Native Title determined area, and are important leaders and partners in its conservation, development and protection activities.

The Working Group will use the grant to pilot a cultural mapping tool to create employment, education and commercial business opportunities for the Traditional Owners in the Gascoyne Pilbara Region of Western Australia.

The mapping tool, a Geographical Information System (GIS), will be used for capturing, storing, checking and displaying data related to positions in the Gnulli determination area.

The project will safeguard culture, build awareness of the heritage values of the area and support the emergence of dynamic and creative Gnulli commercial industries.

Other 2020 SPUR program recipients include:

  • Markr;
  • Site Validator (uDrew);
  • SpaceDraft;
  • Digital Twin Linear Asset Inspection (Airscope); and
  • 4D Digital Twin for Urban Heat Islands.

The SPUR program is delivered through a collaborative partnership between Landgate, Department of Finance, Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, DevelopmentWA and Curtin University.

Applicants were required to demonstrate how their product or service uses emerging technologies and location data to add value to the land and property sector.

For more information about Landgate's SPUR Location Technology Accelerator program and the latest grant recipients, visit

Comments attributed to Lands Minister Ben Wyatt:

"Through Landgate's SPUR Location Technology Accelerator program, the McGowan Government is helping to accelerate ideas into action and support start-up businesses.

"The grants will be distributed to such a talented pool of innovators, who are a testament to the innovative spirit of Western Australians.

"The McGowan Government is proud to support our brilliant innovators, whose work benefits the community and contributes to the Western Australian economy.

"The SPUR Location Technology Accelerator program is an excellent example of cross government collaboration to support local entrepreneurs and researchers in an emerging field."

Business name Description Grant
Gnulli Geographical Information System Cultural Mapping Tool The Gnulli Geographical Information System Cultural Mapping Tool will help Gnulli Native Title Working Group to understand spatial data patterns and relationships as a business analysis tool to co-ordinate strategic activities in carrying on a business on Ingaada Yamitji land and sea interests. Department of Finance First Nations grant recipient - $25,000
Markr Markr is a system created for the design, generation, placement and management of geo-located virtual signage. The Markr system combines a powerful web based Content Management System (CMS) and a free smartphone app to provide users with in context geo-located information or virtual signage using augmented reality (AR) to displays its geo-located data.    Landgate general grant recipient - $25,000
Site Validator (uDrew) uDrew is a design and engineering platform empowering business and homeowners with the ability to design, engineer and manage their own custom-building projects, saving time and money. The proposed Site Validator tool is a new derivative of existing uDrew product Site Inspector, which aims to determine the relevant environmental, geotechnical and engineering factors to instantly create a Sustainability Report.  Landgate general grant recipient - $25,000
SpaceDraft SpaceDraft is a communications platform that layers real-time user stories about any space over any map. It provides a novel approach to plan and track spatial data through a simple to use and readily available platform. The next version of SpaceDraft will allow customers to use Landgate maps, spatial datasets, aerial photography and other imagery of WA as a background to their own projects and enable them to communicate the plan for that space more efficiently. Landgate general grant recipient - $25,000
Digital Twin Linear Asset Inspection (Airscope) Airscope captures the outer surface of a linear asset with the focus of using the data capture to inspect for external damage, abrasions, cracks, pipe support condition and possible weeps and leaks on top and side surfaces. Landgate general grant recipient - $25,000
4D Digital Twin for Urban Heat Islands 4D Digital Twin for Urban Heat Islands (UHI) is a Curtin research projects that allows simulation-based identification and mitigation of UHI, which degrade the quality of life in many urban centres. The project will build on preliminary work undertaken by Curtin University and the Fraunhofer IOSB in Germany. Landgate, Curtin Research grant recipient - $25,000