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CIB 345: Survivorship applications available to be lodged electronically

Commencing on 9 November 2020, electronic lodgement network (ELN) subscribers will be able to lodge survivorship applications (section 227 of the Transfer of Land Act 1893) electronically.

When lodging electronically, evidence to support the application must be obtained, uploaded and attached to the survivorship application prior to lodgement.

Survivorship applications will continue to be accepted for paper lodgement. However, a Request to Accept Paper Lodgement coversheet is not required.

Additional statutory declaration clause

Commencing on 9 November 2020, all survivorship applications, whether lodged in paper or electronically, must include the following additional clause in the Applicant’s statutory declaration(s) provided in support of the application:

  • The joint tenancy with the deceased proprietor/s of the land and/or interest described above had not been severed at the date of death of the deceased proprietor/s.

In flight transactions and statutory declarations dated prior to 9 November 2020 will not require this additional clause in the statutory declaration(s). They will however still be subject to the usual examination requirements.

Refer to Land Titles Registration Policy and Procedure Guide DEC-02 Survivorship Applications for further details.

Bruce Roberts                         Susan Dukes

Registrar of Titles                     Commissioner of Titles