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Landgate's International Women’s Day breakfast

The Midland community witnessed a special moment at the annual Landgate International Women’s Day breakfast, when Len Collard and Ingrid Cumming shared, for the first time together, their moving yarn about balance, equality, culture and family.

Reflecting on their Whadjuk Nyungar heritage where gender roles are equally respected, the daughter and father duo reasoned that women and men are an essential part of the journey to equality. Without working side by side, balanced, our future is unclear.

It’s a sentiment that is reflective of Landgate’s gender parity. Freshly appointed Landgate CEO, Graeme Gammie is proud to be part of a team where this year’s IWD theme – “balance for better” – is in practice.

“At Landgate, women make up 52% of our workforce and 49% of our senior roles are filled by women. Of course, there is always room to improve. That is why we must continue to have conversations about how we move forward ­– together – to achieve equality.”

Despite a 22-year history, this is the first time the event was held on site at Landgate’s offices in Midland.

“International Women’s Day is an important event in our Landgate calendar. It’s a great opportunity for our people to meet community and business leaders from Midland and beyond,” said Graeme.

Landgate’s beneficiary of the event was Indigo Junction. The group’s Program Manager, Sharon Gough, explained the valuable homelessness services Indigo Junction provides to youth, families and the local community in the north-eastern suburbs of Perth.