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CIB 313: Land titling forms are now electronic

Dear Customer

Landgate has developed a new suite of Land Titling Forms (e-forms) which are intuitive and user friendly.

These “smart” forms include drop down menus, help fields and the ability to derive relevant information from the Land Titles Register into the forms.

These features will support the customer to provide a more complete and accurate form to be lodged. The e-forms will also allow Landgate to lodge and process the dealing more efficiently.

Development of Landgate’s e-forms began with the National Mortgage Form (NMF) in May 2017 and now includes almost all Land Titling Forms. The use of e-forms has steadily increased throughout 2018.

Where e-forms are available, the static PDF versions of the Land Titling Forms will be removed from the website as of the 31 August 2018.

The e-forms can be found on the Landgate website under Land Titling Forms here:

Your sincerely


Jean Villani

Registrar of Titles