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CIB 311: Landgate to remain a strong, innovative statutory authority

The State Government has this morning announced it will retain Landgate as a statutory authority while seeking to commercialise the agency’s automated land titling functions.  No other Landgate services are affected.  The State’s land titles register will remain state owned.

Functions to be commercialised include all transactions that are lodged by electronic lodgement network operators and registered automatically, as well as the following automated services:

  • Searches of the titles register
  • Property interest reports
  • Electronic Advice of Sale service
  • E-conveyancing lodgement support services

Registry data will continue to be secured through statutory responsibilities and contractual compliance delivered by the independent Statutory Officers. All existing privacy protections will be maintained and indefeasibility of title will continue to be guaranteed by the State under the Torrens system.

Landgate itself will continue to function as an independent statutory authority providing property valuation, location information and land titling functions that have not yet been automated.

Your organisation’s relationship with Landgate will not change.

Our Landgate team will remain with our business and continue to provide the same service to our commercial, community and government customers as they do today.  All contact details remain the same.

Landgate looks forward to continuing its relationship with you.

Yours sincerely


Jodi Cant