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CIB 307: REMINDER: 5 June 2018- Full Compliance with updated Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: Verification of Identity (VOI) and Authority (VOI Practice)

As outlined in CIB 305 on 31 January 2018,  the changes to our updated VOI Practice came into effect on 12 February 2018 with a transitional period through until 5 June 2018 for full compliance.  This transitional period giving practitioners time to adjust their processes and procedures is now coming to an end.

Next Tuesday, 5 June 2018 full compliance with our updated VOI Practice is required.

Documents executed before and lodged on or after 5 June 2018 should comply with our updated VOI Practice.

Our updated VOI Practice applies to paper land transactions in Western Australia.

The key changes implemented in our VOI Practice are:

  • extended the requirement for verification of identity to property buyers and caveators lodging and withdrawing caveats;
  • updated the categories of documents needed to support verification of identity;
  • updated the procedures for conducting verification of identity in a foreign country; and
  • improved the procedures for self-represented parties.

Transfers incorporating VOI Statements

As also outlined in CIB 305 on 31 January 2018, VOI Statements will no longer be incorporated into the Transfer of land approved forms on and from 5 June 2018. Accordingly, the Transfer of Land approved forms that contain the VOI Statement namely T1A, T2A and T4A may not be used.

Effective on the 5 June 2018, T1A, T2A and T4A forms should not be lodged.

VOI Statements for Transferors and Transferees are required and should be lodged with the relevant Transfers of land forms.

Transfers executed and dated prior to 5 June 2018 will be acceptable for lodgement on the old T1A, T2A or T4A forms, provided a separate VOI statement is presented for the Transferee.

Self-Represented Parties

Self-represented parties should contact Australia Post to obtain verification of identity and authority to deal services.

The Registrar of Titles has authorised Australia Post to undertake all aspects of the verification of identity and authority to deal for self-represented parties.  The Registrar of Titles no longer provides Verification of Identity Statements for self-represented parties.

The Verification of Identity and Authority Statement is issued by Australia Post and is printed on Australia Post letterhead and signed by an authorised Australia Post officer and should be included in the documents lodged for registration or noting by the Registrar of Titles at Landgate.

Further information on VOI for self-represented parties can be found on the Australia Post website.

VOI Practice

For more information on the Registrar and Commissioner of Titles’ Joint VOI Practice see the Guides VOI-01, VOI-02, VOI-03 and VOI-04 and it is available on the Landgate website.

Thank you for your co-operation to continue to apply our VOI Practice, and for your vigilance to help protect the integrity of our valuable Western Australian land titles system.

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