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New Surveyor General for Western Australia

  • Dione Bilick WA's 20th Surveyor General
  • First woman to be appointed to the role that was first established in 1829

For the first time in Western Australian history, the role of Surveyor General has been filled by a female appointee.

Dione Bilick is the State's new Surveyor General, joining a list of just 20 people who have held the position since 1829.

She will be responsible for overseeing the integrity of plans and surveys that underpin WA's land and property information.

Ms Bilick has a mine surveying background and is a member of the Land Surveyors Licensing Board which ensures the standard of licensed land surveyors for the Western Australian community.

She is also an employee of Landgate, where she has extensively engaged with the surveying profession and led innovative improvements in plans and new titles processing.

As WA's 20th Surveyor General, Ms Bilick follows an illustrious list of appointments, including Sir John Forrest.

The first Surveyor General, John Septimus Roe, was appointed to the role in 1829 and went on to serve the State for more than 40 years.

Comments attributed to Lands Minister Rita Saffioti:

"Ms Bilick is an innovator, reformer and leader, committed to providing excellent service to the licensed surveying profession.  I am pleased to see someone of her calibre appointed Surveyor General.

"She has been instrumental in projects that are driving the future for the surveying profession.  These have included delivering plans and survey information online and automating plan processing for new land titles.

"Landgate has a strong team of senior women that includes the chairwoman of its board and chief executive.  Other statutory officers of the Registrar and Commissioner of Titles have also been filled by their first female appointees, showing the breadth of talent being attracted to work for Landgate."