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Better way to access land transfer information

Landgate is constantly looking for ways to improve services for its customers.  That’s why after receiving feedback from customers it has created a ‘Land Transaction Toolkit’. The toolkit will include a series of Land Titles Registration policy and procedure guides which over time will replace the Land Titles Registration Practice Manual.  

The first guides are now available. They’ve been written in plain English and presented in a user-friendly format.  The Land Titles Registration Practice Manual will still be available while the guides are introduced incrementally.

The Registrar of Titles Jean Villani said the guides will make it easier for conveyancers, lawyers and other Landgate customers to find the most up-to-date information about land transaction policies and procedures.

“This is a much better way to find information than referring to a 500-page static document,” Ms Villani said.

“Our customers will be able to quickly access the land transaction information they require in a more modern format.”

If you have any questions, please email