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CIB 293: Electronic plan template

As of 1 June 2017, Landgate’s New Land Registry (NLR) system will enable selected Deposited Plans and Survey Strata plans to be printed to pdf from submitted digital survey data.  To support this process, Landgate has redesigned the plan template.  The new template will lead to process efficiencies and automation and ultimately an improved service to its customers.  Plans that are not created through NLR will continue to use existing templates.

Summary of plan template changes

The information captured on the plan has been augmented and repositioned. For example, title-block information, former tenure table, interest and notifications table, surveyor certification and many of the survey comments and statements have been collated and moved to a dedicated front page.

The orientation of all pages within the plan will be landscape and the plan can be printed on page sizes A4, A3 or A2.

Where a table/section is not required as there is no information to be presented, that section will not be printed. For example, if the plan is an interest-only plan, the former tenure table/section will not be printed.

Structure of the template

This is how the plan template has been structured:

Page Section
  • Plan Information
  • Plan Heading
  • Strata Scheme Details
  • Parcel Address
  • Locality and Local Government
  • Department of Lands
  • Roads
  • Survey Details
  • Survey Method Regulatory Statement
  • Survey Method and Plan Content Variations
  • Survey and Plan Notation
  • Survey Certificate
  • Survey Organisation
  • Former Tenure Table
  • Former Tenure Interests and Notifications
  • New Memorials and notifications
  • Strata Title Act Easements
  • Vesting Lots

* If the plan contains a large number of former tenure and interests and notifications, an additional page will be inserted

2 Plan Graphic
3 Plan Enlargements

There is an example of the plan template on the Landgate Survey Channel.