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CIB 302: Modified Lot Sync Process

Landgate is modifying the lodgement requirements for the ‘lot sync’ process, effective immediately.  This change is in response to customer feedback that a few extra days to finalise documents often allows more applications to benefit from the ‘lot sync’ process.

Current practice requires new title applications (and relevant documents) to be lodged within five working days of plan lodgement for ‘lot sync’ to apply. Landgate will now accept documents within ten working days from plan lodgement.  Please ensure that all required documents with the new title applications are complete and correct, to support timely processing.

The ‘lot sync’ process is described in the Land Titles Registration Practice Manual (LTRPM) 6.1.3, Survey and Plan Practice Manual (SPPM) 17.2 and Strata Titles Practice Manual (STRPM) 13.1.1. All other aspects of the ‘lot sync’ process continue to apply.

The ‘lot sync’ process will be reviewed as we move towards a majority of plans being generated in the New Land Registry-Plan (NLR-P) portal, where the plan examination turnaround time is expected to be reduced significantly.

In the meantime, plans generated in the NLR-P can still use the ‘lot sync’ process to allow corresponding new title applications to be lodged early.  However, please note that where a portal plan passes the automatic examination process, it can result in the plan being sent to the Western Australian Planning Commission and/or endorsed “In Order for Dealings” prior to the documents being lodged.

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Dione Bilick
Delegate of Registrar of Titles