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Rural land buyers better informed through Landgate report

Landgate’s Property Interest Report (PIR) now enables land buyers to find out whether properties have requirements relating to soil conservation.

Landgate Chief Executive Jodi Cant said the PIR has important information relating to restrictions and responsibilities which may impact on an owner’s enjoyment of land, and now includes whether a property has a notice under the Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945.

“Landholders affected by these notices can be required to take measures to prevent land degradation such as soil erosion and salinity,” Ms Cant said.

“This may include restrictions on removing vegetation or certain agricultural practices.

“It’s important that land buyers are aware of these restrictions before signing sales contracts as plans for farming or development could be affected.

“Obtaining a Property Interest Report from Landgate is the best way to find out about these restrictions as well as other key information such as whether a property is in a bushfire prone area, is likely to experience aircraft noise or is near power and water infrastructure.”

Learn more about Landgate’s Property Interest Report and the Soil and Land Conservation Act 1945.


Note to editors

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