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CIB 282: Endorsement of Strata Title numbers on the Strata Titles General Regulations 1996 (STGR) Form 3 - Valuation Certificates

This Customer Information Bulletin advises that Landgate will no longer record newly created or existing strata title numbers on the Strata Titles General Regulations 1996 (STGR) Form 3 of any strata/survey-strata plan including re-subdivision/consolidation, merger or conversion registered on or after 1 June 2016.

This is a result of Landgate’s current business improvement program to streamline operational processes and modernise our systems.

This recording of strata title numbers on the Form 3 is no longer warranted as:

  • there is no legislative requirement to record the numbers
  • customers can readily access these numbers via our Land Enquiry (LEN) application
  • a list of Lot and title numbers accompanies any copy of a strata/survey-strata plan when ordered online.

Landgate anticipates that the Form 3 itself will be amended to exclude the ‘Vol. Fol.’ column in the next review of the STGR.


Jean Villani