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CIB 288: The move to paperless conveyancing

Earlier this year, Landgate introduced changes to the lodgement process for mortgages and discharge of mortgages affecting mortgagees, their conveyancers, lawyers and lodging agents.

The next step of the process towards paperless conveyancing is to require additional eligible document types to be lodged electronically. 

Landgate understands this will have significant impact on the conveyancing industry in Western Australia, and wishes to consult with those affected on how this move would be made.  It invites those in the conveyancing field to attend a workshop or webinar for regional participants to discuss the issues raised in the discussion paper.

There will be workshops held in Perth (25 or 31 October) and a webinar (2 November) for those in rural and regional areas.  Please register by 20 October 2016.

Please see our electronic conveyancing page for the discussion paper, list of eligible documents and registration for the Perth metro workshops and webinar.