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More options for WA strata owners

Legislation to reform Western Australia’s Strata Titles Act 1985 is expected to be introduced to Parliament in the second half of 2016 after extensive work by Landgate and input from stakeholders.

Landgate’s Chief Executive Mike Bradford said amendments to the Act are being drafted.

“The draft amendments are a response to calls over many years for changes to strata laws to provide greater diversity and more housing options for the community, as well as better strata management practices,” Mr Bradford said.

“After two years of stakeholder consultation and a three-month public comment period, it is very pleasing that these much needed changes will be drafted.

“The reforms will create more flexible and sustainable housing options, make shared communities more attractive and better meet Western Australia’s future population needs.”

Consultation feedback has contributed to a number of refinements to the reform proposals.

The proposed reforms include:

  • introducing two new types of strata, community title schemes and leasehold strata schemes
  • improving the staging of strata developments
  • improving the quality of information provided to buyers of strata properties and improving and simplifying the dispute resolution processes
  • better management for strata schemes and making strata managers more accountable
  • proposals to terminate a strata scheme if a majority of owners vote to do so - 75 per cent of owners must agree in schemes of four lots or more
  • all majority termination proposals must be reviewed by the State Administrative Tribunal to assess procedure and fairness.

For more information visit:

Contact: Karen McPherson, Media and Ministerial Adviser

Phone: +61 (0)8 9273 7514