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A new chapter for SLIP

Spending less time, discovering more… this is the aim of the Western Australian Government’s online mapping service, the Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP).

SLIP subscribers now access SLIP via Esri’s ArcGIS Server and Portal platform.

Esri, a widely used supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, will continue to make it easier for government, industry, business and the public to access location data from a single source.

Landgate has now delivered SLIP customers their new services and links. These updated links continue to provide secure access to services they are currently subscribed to according to their license agreements and existing usernames.

The links can also be accessed from the SLIP website.

If you are a SLIP customer and require further information, please contact your Landgate Account or Service Manager, or email

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Since it was first developed and launched by Landgate in 2007, SLIP has increasingly been recognised as the trusted source of the State’s location data.

In 2012 the State Government launched the Location Information Strategy for Western Australia and entrusted Landgate to redevelop SLIP, with the aim of expanding its audience.

In 2013 Landgate engaged with Google to redevelop SLIP using the Google Map Engine (GME) services. Last year Google decided it would no longer provide GME from 29 January 2016. The successful migration of the platform to Esri software now enables Landgate and its partners to continue to deliver services that became popular through GME.

A public version of SLIP called Locate contains Landgate’s aerial photography and property information, as well as other publicly available data layers such as roads, public transport routes, historical maps, census data, schools and health facilities, from a number of state government departments. Locate has been used over four million times by people from all walks of life since it was launched in 2013.

If you have any questions or would like further information about SLIP, please telephone Landgate’s Customer Service team on +61 (0)8 9273 7373 or email